Frequently asked questions

Why are rim widths different at the front and rear?

A wide rim at the front provides a larger air balloon. The result is better lateral grip and tire handling. You also increase the ground contact area for optimized braking.

With a thinner rim at the rear, you’ll get better performance, and this means you can use thinner tires in mud, for example. This also increases rim resistance.

Why use ligatures?

The ligature is a steel wire that binds the spokes at each intersection, held in place by tin solder. First of all, despite preconceived ideas, it doesn’t add any significant lateral rigidity. However, pedaling torque transfer is improved, resulting in greater efficiency. Ligatures also prevent spokes from rubbing against each other at crossings, thus eliminating unwanted noise. In the event of breakage, the spoke is held in place, so it doesn’t puncture the rim base or jam and damage your frame and/or derailleur.

What is the Ratchet 54T option for DT-Swiss hubs?

On the original version, DT-Swiss hubs are sold with a freewheel body with 36 engagement points (or 18 in the case of the 350). With the 54-tooth option, the freewheel engagement angle is less than 7 degrees. This makes for faster pedaling.


Why hand-assembly?

This ensures that spoke tensions are optimized to the maximum. Sailing and jumping are reduced to an absolute minimum. The tension of each spoke is checked individually with a Sapim tensiometer. Voltages are equalized to maximum. The wheel is mounted in such a way that there are no voltage variations during its life cycle. In short, the wheels will perform better and last longer.

Are all the wheels on offer hand-assembled?

All of them, absolutely! Each request is treated individually, and tensions are adapted to the weight and practice of each user.

What's the difference between hand assembly and industrial assembly?

First and foremost, manual assembly means higher voltages than machine assembly. On the other hand, no rim is perfect, and only the human hand can make the most of it. Each ray is treated individually, each parameter controlled. Defects undetectable by machine can also be detected.

Which carrier will deliver my wheels?
All our products are delivered by Colissimo, a service offered by La Poste.
What are the delivery times?
  • 48h or 2 working days: to Metropolitan France, Monaco and the French overseas departments and territories
  • 5 to 7 days (indicative delivery time): to French overseas departments and territories.
  • 4 to 8 days (indicative): to international destinations.
Returns & after-sales service
Are Evoride products guaranteed?

We guarantee our range of wheels for 3 years. For custom assembly, we offer a 2-year warranty. If the wheel does not meet the warranty conditions, we offer a “crash replacement” service in all cases, i.e. the replaced component is invoiced at cost price, with free labor.

What happens in the event of a product problem?

Contact us either by phone on 0786609626 or by email on
We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and offer you either a warranty or a crash replacement. We make it a point of honor to provide the most professional and responsive after-sales service possible.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal and bank transfers. All your transactions are 100% secure thanks to Stripe.

It is also possible to pay on the spot by cash or cheque to the store’s address.