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⚠️ Nos modèles EvoJet, EvoFast, EvoGravel et EvoMud en moyeux DT Swiss 240 seront exceptionnellement livrés en rayons coudés à la place de rayons straightpull pour cause de rupture de stock.

EvoGravel – DT Swiss 240 (Copie)

The ultimate gravel wheels!
Weight: 1395 grams
Maximum rider weight: 110 kg
Usage: Gravel


EvoGravel – DT Swiss 240 (Copie)

Description du produit


- Thanks to their light, rigid rims, they are formidable when you need to relaunch. Their curved profile provides excellent aerodynamics, for excellent performance on flat courses.
- Rim: 35mm high, 24mm wide, hookless, tubeless or chamber mounting, 24 holes, disc brakes.


- Flat spokes.
- 48 flat aerosol straightpull spokes, the best compromise between strength, dynamism and lightness. Optional steel ties.
- Nuts with thread-locking technology to ensure long-term stability.


DT-SWISS 240. As with the DT Swiss 350, reliability is beyond reproach. The infallible 36-tooth ratchet freewheel system remains, here in its improved EXP version. The bearings are more upmarket, and the machining is more advanced, to achieve a weight saving of around 75 grams. Disc mounts: Centerlock.

Assembly in France. Shelving made entirely by hand in France. High voltage for a very responsive wheel. Equalized stresses and residual stresses eliminated for a highly stable wheel over time.


Wheel size: 700c or 650b
Material of construction: Carbon
Tire compatibility: tubeless or tube
Brakes: Discs
Disc mounting: centerlock
Front axle: 12x100
Rear axle: 142x100
Freewheel body: XDR, Shimano 10/11 speed, Campagnolo
External rim width: 24mm
Rim height: 35mm
Carbon finish: UD satin

Additional information

Weight 1,370 kg


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