We Are One Convergence 30-33mm

We Are One Convergence 30-33mm


We Are One Convergence 30-33mm

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- We Are One Convergence 30-33mm rims
- Lifetime warranty
- Handcrafted in Kamloops, Canada
- Wide, sturdy, low-profile rims for maximum comfort and grip.


- CX Ray silver spokes
- 56 straightpull flat spokes, the best compromise between strength, dynamism and lightness. Optional steel ties.
- Orange nuts with threadlocker technology. To ensure the stability of the assembly over time.


Without hubs.

Assembly in France. Shelving made entirely by hand in France. High voltage for a responsive wheel. Equalized stresses and residual stresses eliminated for a highly stable wheel over time.

*Lifetime warranty: We cover all accidents that occur while riding your bike (e.g. rim breakage, cracks, etc.). The warranty does not cover wheel theft or damage caused when your bike is not in motion. The warranty covers original owners only. We offer second-hand owners a 50% discount on circle replacement.

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Weight 1,465 kg


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